After years of marginalization, Turkana County is suddenly receiving a great deal of attention. This follows the discovery of exploitable oil reserves and a vast aquifer in the region. In the wake of these discoveries, Content House in collaboration with Friends of Turkana trained Citizen Journalists in Turkana in a bid to empower the people to tell their stories and also broaden their channels of expression.


Stories from Turkana is the result of this training and is a series of short documentaries by Citizen Journalists from the Turkana community exploring issues in Turkana County. These stories chronicle the discovery of oil in the region, the acquisition of land for oil exploration, the early administrative history of the region, threats to Lake Turkana, marriage customs, and the role of women in the community.


Stories from Turkana gives communities in the Lake Turkana Basin a platform on which they can tell their side of the stories of how the extractive industry has affected them. It is clear that this is just the beginning of the long road that will see the dramatic transformation that Turkana County will undergo following the discovery of vast natural resources.